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Our Story

As featured in the Greenville News: 

"A program launched this summer aims to prevent what happened to the sister of a Greenville businessman from happening to anyone else. Leonard Pitts owns Brookside Pool in Mauldin. His sister, Angel, died in 2020 after accidentally drowning while on a fishing trip. Aqua Angels, a program that offers free swim lessons to adults, was launched in Angel’s honor. The program, the brainchild of Rebekah Craig, also works to remove barriers that keep many Black people from learning to swim. If you ask participants like Amanda Rice, Aqua Angels is having the desired impact. Rice, who was afraid of drowning in 3.5 feet of water, now jumps off a diving board into nine feet of water. It’s a feat that would not be possible, she said, were it not for Craig, and instructors Roslyn Burroughs and Raquel Brunson, otherwise known as Greenville News Community Heroes. Read more here."

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