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Summer 2024 Swim CLasses June, July & August

Thank you so much for your interest in registering. Summer 2024 Classes will be held each Tuesday and Thursday at 6:45 pm starting June 4 through the second week of September 2024 at the Brookside Pool. This course will meet twice a week for 1 hour. You will have a blast meeting new friends and learning how to swim. Be sure to register for the class you plan to attend, check in at the gate once you arrive to confirm your registration, and change in the locker room. Meet us by the pool. Make sure to bring your goggles, swim cap, and towel!
  • Start Date: 6/4/24 - 8/29/24
  • Times: 6:45 pm - 7:45 pm
  • Location: 712 Brooks Road, Mauldin SC 29662

Lessons Dates:

June: Register here
  • 4th & 6th
  • 11th & 13th 
  • 18th & 20th
  •  25th & 27th 

July: Register here
  • 9th & 11th
  • 16th & 18th
  • 23rd & 25th
  • 30th

August: Register here
  • 1st
  • 6th & 8th
  • 13th & 15th
  • 20th & 22nd
  • 27th & 29th

If you are interested in registering for all summer classes, click here
June Classes
July Classes
August Classes
Full Summer Season
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